Welcoming Sporting Queen City to the Family

Alliance Cincinnati is proud to announce the formation of Sporting Queen City – a new joint venture with Impact GFC.  The goal is to combine our resources and create more competitive teams that will compete at the state, regional and national level.  The focus will be on those players interested in improving their game and competing at the level needed to play soccer at the collegiate level.  The Sporting Queen City team will have a different uniform, but the players will remain part of the Alliance Cincinnati SC and Impact GFC clubs.

We are starting the program in the Winter 2018/Spring 2019 season with GU15/2004 Elite girls.  These girls will train with the top trainers from both clubs in order to prepare for the spring season.  The team will play in both the Ohio South State League (OSSL) and the Great Lakes Conference (GLC) of the National League, as well as the top-ranked College Showcases in the Midwest.  This level of competition will provide the players with the opportunity to be seen and recruited by college coaches from across the region.

We hope to grow this program each year in order to provide the best competition and exposure for those players that want to continue their soccer careers beyond high school.  Sporting Queen City now has its own website (SportingQC.com), so you can explore the opportunities for your young soccer players.

More to come on this partnership...