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We’re always eager to meet people as passionate about soccer as we are.

Why Alliance?
  • The #1 feeling you will get coaching for Alliance Cincinnati is knowing that you are valued and being invested in as a coach. By helping each coach’s individual growth, we help our players enjoy the game of soccer and push themselves as players.
  • Alliance Cincinnati is not a club with 200 teams where each coach is dispensable and gets lost in the shuffle. You will get to know every coach on staff and will build relationships with the coaches around you.
  • Typically, we limit coaches to two teams, so you can develop a true bond with the players and parents. You will have the opportunity to focus on your teams without being overworked or stretched-thin.
  • Alliance Cincinnati provides opportunities to gain coaching licenses from the United States Soccer Federation and United Soccer Coaches to better serve the players you coach.
Our Coaching Development Philosophy
  • Coaching is not an ability which some are born with and some are not. Like all skills, coaching has to be developed over time with work ethic, self-evaluation, and focused mentoring. We believe that if you’re not actively working to improve as a coach, you’re falling behind.
  • While soccer knowledge is very important, it is just one piece of coaching. We help you develop the relationship skills, organization, communication ability, confidence, and technical knowledge to coach at a high level.
  • Alliance Cincinnati has boys and girls teams at all levels, and we place coaches with teams that challenge them to grow.
  • We help each coach discover resources to help him or her improve their coaching ability. Whether it’s books, podcasts, YouTube videos, licensing courses, professional match analysis, watching other coaches’ sessions, or more, Alliance Cincinnati will surround you with the tools to expand your coaching skills.
Who are we looking for?
  • First and foremost, every coach at Alliance Cincinnati must be player-focused. Ultimately, coaching is not about the adults. It’s about helping the individual players entrusted to your care.
  • Alliance Cincinnati looks for coaches who are enthusiastic about the game of soccer and help foster that passion within each player. We bring positivity to every session so players look forward to coming to practices and games instead of dreading and viewing it as work.
  • Coaches for Alliance Cincinnati must have the work ethic to proactively seek out ways to improve as a coach, with the help of the club’s directors of coaching. If you’re not willing to push yourself as a coach, this is not for you. We seek out self-starters who enjoy taking initiative.
  • Strong communication and organizational skills are a must. When coaching with Alliance Cincinnati, your soft skills are as important as your technical knowledge.

Sound Like You?

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